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Creative Expressions

Helping 10-14 year olds connect and express through art.

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Creativity.  Expression.  Connection.

Welcome to the Creative Expression Camp for children aged 10-14. This 5-day program is designed to provide a fun, interactive, and supportive environment that nurtures children's creativity, encourages self-expression, and fosters connections with others. Through sharing and collaboration of work they will build confidence, as well as self-advocacy skills. 

What We Do In Creative Expressions Camp

The five days of the program will provide plenty of time for children to build relationships with their peers, explore their feelings and emotions, and connect with their own unique creative abilities. We are excited to create this experience with the artists and expect confidence surrounding their creative expression they are ready to thrive on!



Each group will take place from 9am - 12. 

Creative Expressions 10-14: August 21-25


Each camp cost will be $450. All supplies included in price.

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