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Anjali Kingsley

Anjali Kingsley

My name is Anjali Kingsley and my passion is sharing the practice of yoga with others.

I started my yoga journey in 2007 when I felt called to travel to India. I traveled to the Ayurveda Retreat in Tamil Nadu, completed my teacher training and became a certified registered yoga teacher. The call to travel to India came from years of fighting an autoimmune disease that left me distressed and physically and emotionally drained. After I enrolled in the teaching training program, I learned the history and philosophy of yoga and committed to its mental and physical exercises daily. With time, I developed a deeper understanding and appreciation for the practice, and I began to witness the powerful effects of yoga on my mind and body. After returning to Chicago, I started to teach at a few gyms and studios around the city. I became interested in working with clients with health limitations and began to teach private outpatient yoga at The Cancer Integrative Center at Rush University Medical Center. Shortly thereafter, I started an outpatient yoga program at The Cancer Center at St. Joseph Hospital and also began to teach group classes at the Diamond Headache Clinic. I developed a process to tailor personalized sessions to clients depending on their specific health conditions and build on their personal progress over time. As I continued to teach, I observed the benefits that yoga could offer to anyone regardless of physical ability. It was evident that many clients came in feeling stressed and would leave feeling calm, strengthened, focused, and present.

I wholeheartedly believe in the transformative power of yoga and find tremendous joy in sharing the practice with others. I aspire to lead classes that welcome students into a space where they allow themselves to move their bodies with grace, breathe into the present moment, and connect to their inner guidance and wisdom within.

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