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Chris Bulf

Chris Bulf

Hello! I'm Chris Bulf, and I specialize in couple and family therapy, dedicated to nurturing healthier, more fulfilling relationships. With a warm and compassionate approach, I provide a safe space for my clients to explore their dynamics, strengthen communication, and foster deeper connections. I’ve been working in the field since 2022 and have worked with individuals, families and their children, as well as couples.

Understanding the complexities of relationship dynamics, I work collaboratively with clients to identify underlying patterns, explore perspectives, and develop effective strategies for resolving conflicts and rebuilding trust. My goal is to empower you to cultivate healthy relationships, foster resilience and mutual understanding.

In addition to my focus on couple and family therapy, as a queer/LGBT-affirming therapist, I understand the importance of finding a therapist who truly gets where you're coming from. Whether you feel like you've never quite fit in or you're grappling with the complexities of finding and being part of multiple marginalized communities, I'm here to validate your experiences and help you find strength in your uniqueness. I proudly welcome clients from the Kink and Furry communities, understanding the unique challenges and joys that come with exploring alternative lifestyles and relationships.

Whether you're seeking support as a couple, a family, or an individual within or without these communities, I'm here to provide the guidance and support you need to navigate life's challenges and cultivate deeper connections with yourself and your loved ones.

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