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Martha Schevers

Martha Schevers

I am Martha Schevers, and I believe our bodies, minds, and spirits need daily nourishment. As a Health Coach, I have helped my clients increase strength, healing, and happiness. My approach is holistic, working with the whole person, combining meditation, therapeutic massage, spirituality, physical activity, and nutrition.

Since childhood, I have dealt with health challenges but found that traditional medical advice did not have solutions. Fortunately, I was able to find relief in the holistic techniques I use in my practice. Starting as a certified personal trainer, I developed workouts for my clients. As a natural progression, I earned my certification as an Integrative Nutrition Coach and helped my clients make dietary changes.

I do not believe in diets. Instead, I believe in crowding out processed foods, sugar, excessive alcohol, and unhealthy thoughts. I am certain of the healing properties of whole foods.

When it comes to exercise and nutrition, I practice what I preach. I am proud of my past accomplishments of being a triathlete and currently passionate about playing pickleball and hiking with my black lab, Duke. I love eating large quantities of delicious and nutritious foods. You can often find me hanging out in my kitchen testing out new recipes and ready to share them with others.

I create a supportive environment that enables you to articulate where you are and set up a plan to achieve your goals. We will work together to help you find the right diet and lifestyle plan that works best for you.

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