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Robin Gerber

Robin Gerber

I am Robin Gerber, my passion is to cultivate self-discovery and healing in an authentic safe space with individuals and families.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with varied and fascinating experiences. I specialize in treating trauma, co-dependency, grief, depression, anxiety, parenting, and relationship challenges. My experience has made me passionate about working with individuals who need career coaching and help manage work environments' ups and downs. I have counseled women with substance use disorders. In addition, I counsel couples to get unstuck and out of unhealthy patterns. My experience has made me skilled in working with youth and connecting with their families, including working through anxiety and depression resulting from the isolation of Covid. My wealth of experience guides me to empower clients to gain new insights and learn new skills while releasing old patterns that no longer serve them on their life’s journey.

As a mom to a teenager, a dog, and a kitty, I understand the intensity of parenting, and my experience teaches me that it’s impossible to do it alone. It takes a village, so I commit to fostering a kind, nurturing, and safe environment for you to grow.

Building relationships is crucial to my approach, which means finding your unique needs within your therapy experience. Clients can gain support addressing many life stressors, overcome depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, low self-esteem, and improve self-confidence. From here, I will work with you to uncover deep self-compassion and acceptance. These are the elements to attain personal healing and inner peace.

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