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Family, Individual, LGBTQIA+ and Wellness Therapy

We offer several individual and family based psychotherapy and holistic wellness services in Kenilworth and Chicago IL.

Our Areas Of Focus

Sometimes it can be hard to choose the right therapist.  That's why we focus on three core areas...

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Mind Body Wellness Chicago IL

Mind & Body


No client is an island.  We believe therapy is a team effort from which everyone can learn and benefit. 

The LGBTQIA+ community and their families struggle with unique challenges that other families do not.  This is why we focus on the mental health challenges that come with LGBTQIA+ transitions and life events.   

You cannot have a healthy mind without a healthy body.  We can help you focus on making the connection between the two on your journey to better mental health.

Family Matters Therapy - Family Therapy Winnetka IL

There is a Reason It's Called 'The Family Unit'

Family members do not function autonomously.  When one member of the family has a problem, everyone has a problem.  As therapists, we have very limited time and interaction with you or your children.  We teach and train the entire family to work as a team to help the family member in need, not only does the patient get better more quickly, but there is less chance that problems will reoccur.  This is why we are called Family Matters Therapy.  Family members may even recognize and learn behaviors within themselves that will help them cope better with situations in their own lives.  Schedule some time now with us to learn more about how we help the entire family unit improve their mental health. 

LGBTQ Mental Health Winnetka IL

Different Challenges: LGBTQIA+ Discovery and Transition

Almost all therapists treat anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, loss, etc.  But the causes and persistence of mental health challenges in the LBGTQ community are simply different than in other people and families.  The transitions in gender and discovery/realization of sexuality in young people can not only have mental health affects on the individual, but on the family members as they deal with a sense of grief and loss they may not fully understand.  We specialize in creating safe spaces and therapy programs for LGBTQIA+ mental health.  Schedule some time with us today and learn about our different approach to this often marginalized community.

Yoga Therapy Chicago IL

Physical and
Mental Health

Too often people are seeking mental health improvement only to find that they aren't getting to their ideal state fast enough.

So what is holding them back from a better state of mind?

Yoga Therapy Winnetka IL

The Mind and Body are Linked

At Family Matters Therapy, we don't just focus on your mind or your feelings.  Often we have to start with the outside before we can work on the inside.

This is where mind and body wellness therapy come in.

Yoga Therapy LGBTQIA+

Taking Care of the Whole You

Our yoga instructors and body work experts are trained to help you connect the feelings of your body and mind.  If you can relax your body, your mind will follow.

This is at the core of mind and body wellness.

Mind Body Wellness Chicago IL

Schedule An Appointment Today.

Let us help you get on your path to feeling better inside and out.  There is no reason to wait to unlocking the new you.

What Our Clients Say...

“We are very grateful to have found Wendy Cohen! She is a phenomenal therapist and her compassion is unprecedented. Wendy helped both our kids learn some valuable coping skills that aid them on a continuous basis!”

GP, Glencoe

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