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Yoga and Somatic Work

Experience the transformative journey to enhanced well-being with our dedicated team of yoga therapists and health coaches. Discover the profound link between nurturing a healthy body and cultivating improved mental health under our expert guidance.

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Having good mental health is almost impossible when your body doesn't feel the way it should.  Trauma and stress are stored in our bodies.  Like toxins, they cause our bodies, and eventually our mental health, to deteriorate.  This is why we focus on mind and body wellness which we call Mind Body Matters.

This is not a yoga class.  This is a treatment plan that uses yoga techniques and postures.  This therapy focuses prominently somatic therapy which incorporates body-oriented modalities such as movement, breathwork, and meditation to support mental healing. In addition, our somatic approach includes talk therapy and mind-body exercises.   The treatment plan focuses on fixing what is going on in your body in order to heal your body and mind and vice versa.  

Our therapists will sit with you and take into account your abilities, current conditions, and goals.  The exercises and postures used will be tailored to address whatever physical and mental challenges you are struggling with.  You will never be asked to do anything that is beyond your comfort level.

Somatic therapy can be used to treat a variety of different issues.  Our yoga treatment plans have been used to treat anxiety, stress, and trauma but can also be used to treat depression, substance abuse, ADHD, eating disorders, and more.  Contact us today and schedule a free consultation to see if this treatment plan is for you.

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