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Family and Couples Therapy

Family dynamics and relationships are the building blocks for a healthy and happy home. We provide couples therapy as part of this offering.

You all love each other. In fact, if any member of your family was asked if they love their family, they would most likely say 'yes'. So why do so many family interactions seem to end in arguments? Why aren't Mom and Dad talking as much to one another? Why does there seem to be so much tension and stress, followed by withdrawl? Sometimes there are events that affect every member of the family. A big move, financial issues, illness, and changes that come with growing up can impact an entire family. Not all families have the tools to cope. This is when family and couples therapy can help.

Every member of the family participates in family and couples therapy. This therapy focuses on the interpersonal relationships between siblings, parents, and couples. In family therapy, we seek to improve communications, setting healthy boundaries, and find activities and techniques where we can improve our understanding for one another.

In family and couples therapy, our therapists focus on parenting skills, peer relationships, school issues, blended family issues, life transitions, and behavioral issues. We also see a lot of families struggling with a family member's sexuality or sexual identity/transition. When a family member 'comes out' or transitions, it isn't uncommon for parents or siblings to feel grief and loss that they don't fully understand. We can help with this as well.

When the entire family unit has more stability, the problems individuals experience become less severe. Replacing isolation and dysfunction with teamwork and understanding makes dealing with any situation easier. Contact us today and schedule a consultation to see if family therapy is right for you.

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