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We provide group therapy and safe spaces for teens and adults

Most therapists treat anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, loss, and other painful feelings and issues. But without true understanding and a safe space, it is difficult for LGBTQIA+ people to get the right therapy for their needs. They are anxious, depressed, and feel trauma about things that the rest of us do not. Their family often feel grief and loss they can not explain. This is why we offer therapy and group sessions that are specific to the LGBTQIA+ community.

LGBTQIA+ therapy and groups start by creating a safe space where you feel a sense of belonging and understanding. LGBTQIA+ groups and therapy replace basic empathy with accurate understanding of a frame of reference. This is critical to treating LGBTQIA+ mental health.

Our LBGTQIA+ therapy and groups focuses on creating a safe space based on age. We have a 12-17 year old group as well as groups for adults. We also meet with parents weekly to discuss how they can connect and celebrate their LGBTQIA+ children.

Join One of Our Groups for LGBTQIA+ Youth or Parents

Youth drop-in group for 12–17 year-old young people seeking connection, exploration, and empowerment.

Thursdays 7 pm

$50 per meeting

Parent group meets weekly to share, connect, and celebrate their LGBTQIA+ children.

Saturdays 9 am, starting April 9

$400 for 8 weeks ($50 per session)

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