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Young Adult Therapy

Starting out in life is exciting, but often comes with a lot of stress and anxiety. Having someone to talk to helps.

Young adults can go from high school to college to the work world in less than five years. They can live in three or more cities, move three or four times, have two dozen different teachers and professors, take the hardest classes they have ever taken, start a career...all while living away from home for the first time in their lives. Young adults have very specific, very unique mental health needs.

Young adult therapy (usually 18-24 year olds) focuses on grappling with dozens of life changes in a very short period of time. This is why the focus of this therapy is on developing enhanced problem solving and coping skills. This therapy is a collaborative effort with family and sometimes even friends so that young adults don't feel alone in their journey to better mental health.

Our approach to young adult therapy focuses on mindfulness, executive function coaching, adjustment disorders, anxiety, depression, and behavioral therapy techniques. Our approach is unique because we incorporate their family and friends into the therapy as much as possible. We want young adults to know that they are not alone and that they have a support system they can rely on.

The skills we teach young adults are skills that will last a lifetime. As young adults grow older, they will be faced with anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, loss and many more feelings where these new skills will be needed. Contact us today for a free consultation. Let us help you on your journey to a better you.

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